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I think EZtv and Piratebay just went down. /c\

ETA: No panic! Seems to be a local thing. They still work for other people just fine.
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Reason no. 235830958 why PeTA needs to fuck off and die

O.J. Simpson's Florida home is heading into foreclosure and the imprisoned former NFL star's mansion has already garnered great interest from an usual source.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are appealing to JP Morgan bank, who are repossessing the 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home in Miami-Dade county, and asking them to donate it to be turned into a 'Meat Is Murder' Museum.

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And now something much, much, MUCH more enjoyable:
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*waves wildly* This thing still on?

Just so you know, I am still alive. In case you were wondering. In case you remember me. RL is still very busy and very annoying and very much not allowing me to do fun stuff online. And it has been that for such a long time now that I am actually afraid to check my LJ email address. And I haven't checked my flist (do we still call it that?) in ages. Which is why I have missed a few messages from you guys, sorry about that. /c\

Anyway, even so I am a bit late with this,

A Happy New Year to you all!

How are you doing? Everything okay? Any new and exciting things I missed?

P.S. OMFG, the FBI shut down MegaUpload. O.O

P.P.S. What the HELL is this new comment design? I DON'T LIKE CHANGE. *scowls*
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So, screw it.

I didn't mean to post anything new, not before I actually read and commented to a few of your posts, but, well. Doesn't seem to happen. Just yet. So, I will try to ease into it, slowly. Posting* first, actually participating again later. Soon. Hopefully.

For now, awesome A Bit of Fry and Laurie fanvid, found on Youtube. (It's just 3 minutes. Go on, watch it, it's awesome and adorable. Plus, Oh boy, the early nineties. ♥)

* Because really, If I make one dependent on the other I will just drop out again. How can you get that unused to... well. Communicating? *throws up hands*
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I am, indeed, alive.

Sorry. I am so very, very sorry indeed. Not for being alive (MOST of the time, at least), naturally, but for being... well. Gone.

As an explanation (not a valid excuse, necessarily), there was (and is) lots and lots of work, like, doing-my-job kind of work, and also some other stuff, which I may or may not get into in later posts (if there will be any in the near future). (I sure like my parentheses right now, don't I?)

I barely even check my LJ email account, which is why it took some friends commenting on a year old picture on facebook of all places (the emails for that go to my 'regular email account') to make themselves heard. Or seen. You know what I mean.
(BTW, it also took me some time to realise that there are kind people taking care of the_ckr_files; THANK YOU neu111 and surya74!)

But, busy or not, you know how it is, (1) you have time for something when you take the time for it, and (2) you can get... kind of... un-used to LJ. So, well, there's that.
The thing is, I MISS you guys. But I haven't read an LJ post in... I think it's half a year by now? That's just not right, right? And even if I were into it just for fandom (which I am not, and which hasn't been the case for about, like, two months after I joined LJ), it's not like I don't have any fannish interests anymore. Because I totally do.
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So, okay. Apart from all that. Tell me, flist, how are you doing, how have you been? Are you okay? Everything alright? Anyhing new and (or) exciting happened in your life? HOW ARE YOU?
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Oh really.

A.K.A. Fuck you, PETA.

I mean, really.



What is wrong with them?

(From here.)

P.S. Oh, and I continue to be fascinated by the whole TSA disaster, so in case you are interested, this seems like a good roundup: Bruce Schneier.
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Drive-by post

Hi internets, I am still alive! Busy and stuff, but alive. Hope you are too. Alive, that is. Not necessarily busy.

Here, have a video of Gordon Pinsent reading from Justin Bieber's memoirs.

P.S. Oh, right, I have a question. This is just IMDB fucking up again, I assume? It's not that Canada just grew another Hugh Dillon all of a sudden, right?
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I have no words.

A few days ago the ever helpful roadrunner1896 introduced me to this guy. We were talking about the hilariousness that is Twilight for some reason, and he's done some awesome readings of the book on his youtube channel.
So, today I checked if maybe he has some other interesting stuff as well, and, yes.

This is no joke. No, really. It's isn't. Actual commercial behind the cut.

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I... yeah.
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RIP Maury Chaykin

27 July 1949 - 27 July 2010

He died yesterday, on his 61st birthday. :(

For those on my flist who don't know who that is, a not quite random sample of his roles:

WarGames (1983)
Cold Comfort (1989)
The Twilight Zone (1989)
Dances with Wolves (1990)
My Cousin Vinny (1992)
Buried on Sunday (1992)
Hero (1992)
Exotica (1994)
Whale Music (1994)
The Sweet Hereafter (1997)
Due South (1997 / 1998)
A Nero Wolfe Mystery (2001 / 2002)
Wilby Wonderful (2004)
Blindness (2008)
Of Murder and Memory (2008)

From here. (What the hell's going on, first Tracy Wright and now Maury Chaykin?)